Monetary policy and price stability

Adult Finance's monetary policy

The $ADT monetary policy is to curb manipulation of the $ADT price from large investors in groups, in order to inflate $ADT to affect the value of $ADT such as the reputation of the team, the company.
  • Therefore, the process of distributing $ADT Token is carefully considered by us, avoiding the situation of $ADT going out on the market too much and being manipulated in price.
  • Besides, the organization of Seed Round / Private Sale / Pulic Sale all $ADT is locked so the project can thrive later.

Repurchase Policy $ADT

The redemption of $ADT will take place after $ADT in the market reaches 51% i.e. 510,000,000 Tokens. We will buy back 20->25% of Tokens and all those tokens will be burned and locked forever.
  • According to our prediction, when the $ADT price reaches 1$ /, the amount of $ADT Tokens will reach 51% in the market.

Price stabilization policy $ADT