• Launch of Finance website
  • Create community on telegram, twitter, discord.
  • Launch Airdrop
  • Co-sign with creators to establish brands.
  • Start a marketing campaign and build a social channel


  • Listed on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko.
  • Launched NFT marketplace to sell Videos.
  • Listing on major cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Allow to use ADT Token for Staking and can Stake with BEP-721
  • Launching the NFT 18+ market


  • Launching a decentralized livestreaming platform
  • Focus on exploiting the niche markets of the economy 18+


  • Multi-chain integration with Layer-2 platforms
  • Launching Beta version of Livestream Metaverse


  • Launching Alpha version of Livestream Metaverse


  • This is our tentative Roadmap, which may be changed in the future in a positive direction to develop the project even more strongly.