LIVESTREAM Decentralized

What is Livestream

Livestream means you "Broadcast" what is happening at that time (faces, scenes, events, ...) for people everywhere in the world to see via the internet and every interaction is take place directly.
When livestreaming, you must use an application capable of transmitting live content over the Internet and it needs a video camera, audio exchange system, screen capture software.

LIVESTREAM 18+ Decentralized

In order to meet basic human needs, we launch LiveStream 18+ platform, allowing users to Show the best things that belong to them, besides they can also earn extra $ADT income from Adult Finance.

Livestream Metaverse

Livestream Metaverse: Users will have to unlock a space where they want to be with their creators through VR glasses. To be able to easily feel the actual image with their creators.
Basic spaces such as: Classrooms, offices, universes, mountains, swimming pools, bathrooms,... these spaces are specially designed in 3D, 4-dimensional space to create a 100% realistic feeling for users.


The content of terrorism, child abuse, reactionaries, cults, beliefs is strictly prohibited, all activities against us will be permanently banned and not allowed to participate in our market.