General FAQ

How to join the Adult Finance market?

  • Everyone over 18+ can join our Adult market, where we don't manage the content, everyone can unleash their content creation and can earn extra income from it.

Where does the income from the Adult Finance platform come from?

Where does the income from the Adult Finance platform come from?
  • You will receive $ADT income from selling NFT products on the Market, and from the Metaverse livestream service.
  • Besides, $ADT will continuously increase in price and your income will be larger.

What are the prohibited content at Adult Finance?

  • We strictly prohibit childish, terrorist, and reactionary content on our platform

What is the smart contract of $ADT?

What is the total supply and circulating supply of $ADT?

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 ADT
  • Circulating Supply: 6% Pulic Sale + 6% Presale + 8% Liquidity + 16% System (Airdrop, Margin, Pool, Staking, Event).
  • Circulating Supply: 160.000.000 ADT { 6% Public Sale + 6% Private Sale + 4% Airdrop From ( 16% Ecosystem )}
  • The remaining: 840,000,000 ADT will be locked for 2 years.

Where can I earn $ADT Token?

  • We will organize the sale of IDO, SHO, and presale on reputable project fundraising platforms such as Poolz, Daomarket, BSCSstation,.... You should follow the media channels to catch up with the information.

Can I staking Token BEP-721?

  • You can become a long term holder to get maximum interest, as we have direct offer for long term holders.
  • We will provide platform for Staking $ADT and BEP721 Token.

Where can I view the Adult Finance roadmap?

What's the best wallet for Adult Finance?

It depends on your needs. We have an in-depth guide to selecting and creating a wallet that's right for you.

Where can I see $ADT tokennomics?

  • You can view Tokenomics here.