Adult film industry

As we all know, the adult film industry in Japan is thriving. The women entering the industry all have different goals. Some are helpless because of economic pressure, others want to use this company as a "springboard" to enter the entertainment world.
Priority Female AV, a.k.a. Adaruto bideo joyū (ア ダ ル ), are famous female idols in large industry in Japan (JAV). The heyday of adult film production in Japan was in the 80s of the last century, at which time hundreds of adult movie idols were released every year.

Potential market 100 billion $/year

Currently, Japan, along with the US and Russia, are the three countries with the most developed adult entertainment industry in the world. The Japanese porn industry is currently the largest in size, accounting for 20% of the world's share of this industry and bringing in profits of up to 20 billion USD per year.
The US market accounts for about 10-12 billion USD. The remainder is divided among other retail markets such as Russia, Europe and East Asian countries, notably South Korea.


Adult Finance is a community project, the community will participate in the development of the project, each member will participate in discussions and submit ideas as a creator and administrator.
Adult Finance focuses on developing decentralized Livestream applications incorporating Blockchain, and in the future will launch a virtual world Metaverse dedicated to Livestream is a pioneer in the concept of LiveStream Metaverse hopes to be a great and well-known project. Many users welcome.
Adult Finance enters the porn industry and provides a novelty NFT 18+ marketplace where users can buy, sell, exchange and collect exclusive 18+ content! As well as a platform where creators can charge for private content, where they get paid in crypto and earn ADT Tokens.


$ADT Token is a token on the Binance SmartChain platform, instant transactions and almost zero gas fees.
$ADT Token is a token with Smartcontract written as a reward and penalty token. That is, rewarding holders and penalizing sellers, in order to stabilize prices.

Decentralized Platform

Since then Adult Finance provides a decentralized livestream platform where creators can freely create content without being controlled by a third party. And beyond that, Adult Finance's development team is developing a Metaverse Livestream platform.
Where people who interact with their Creators can directly feel the Creator's presence around them, without having to look through the screen as before.

For more details, please see the Adult Finance ecosystem below



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